Careers / Progression Survey Feedback, 2016

In May, 2016 the school asked its Year 13 students to complete a survey to gauge their levels of satisfaction with the provision of careers and progression guidance during their time at Ermysted’s. The outcomes are here. The PDF document also includes some of the actions that we intend to result from the process.

Careers / Progression Survey Feedback, 2016. (pdf)

Careers / Progression Survey, 2016. (Excel Spreadsheet)

Inspiring Yorkshire and the Humber

Curious about the main sectors that offer employment in our local area? The website below shows the prominent work sectors within Yorkshire – and shows which ones are expected to grow. This can be used to help your son see if the industry he is interested in offers a good chance of employment locally. This should never be the sole reason for your son choosing to pursue a profession as many things can change, but it can be part of the information used to help finalise decisions. The most important section is the ‘skills demand’ tab which shows the skills young people should concentrate on developing to have the best chance of applying for competitive positions, valuable regardless of chosen pathway as they are transferable.

Information for industries that are expected to grow within the Yorkshire and Humber area can be found in this booklet ‘Shape Your Future…’. As well as local companies it also states which subjects are useful for getting into certain industries. If you or your son have any queries about this information or want more personalised guidance for entry routes please contact our Careers Coordinator, Yvonne Lang via the school office or by emailing

Useful websites when choosing a career

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School Policy for Careers

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)