Parents’ Association

About the Parents’ Association

Ermysted’s has a very active Parents’ Association. We are an entirely voluntary organisation and a registered charity, formed to assist the school in fundraising and to provide additional support at school where needed. We exist to provide valuable extra funds, but also to enhance the lives of the boys’ entire school experience, both socially and culturally. It is an organisation that aims to bring together the entire school community. We warmly welcome new members to join and help us with fundraising activities. Of course, all parents and friends are invited to enjoy and support the many social events we hold.

The best way to get involved and be kept up-to-date is to ensure you’re on both Parent Pay and the PA Mailing list.

Parent Pay:  Become a member through school contact

PA Mailing list:  Add your name to the PA list by contacting

The next meeting will be at 6:45 pm on 12th March 2020 in the Library. Any new or existing parents considering getting involved are welcome and very much needed. Please join us, we’d love to see you.

PA Meeting Minutes:

12 February 2020

PA Meeting Highlights:

Planned events

A variety of fundraising events coming up in spring and summer 2020; please save the dates:

  • Town Hall Café – Saturday 21st March 2020
  • Spring Concert – Wednesday 1st April 2020
How you can help Could you join the PA?

It isn’t a huge commitment. You can do as little or as much as you want. The
PA brings lots of benefits to pupils, to members and to the school. Each year
it raises over £10,000 to benefit the pupils. Taking part also allows you to
meet other parents, get to know the school and to be supportive . The kids
like it too!

If you would like further information please email:

Please could you also:

  • Send baking for the Town Hall Café or chocolate donations for the tombola to the school office by 4pm Friday 20th March. Please note that whole cakes generally return more funds for us. We would also gratefully receive craft and gift donations for the plastic-free Mother’s Day stall.
  • Email Chloë Vereker on if you would like to
    volunteer your time for an hour or so. It’s much busier between 11 and 3.
    Please consider joining the fun and putting your name down to help for an hour (or more) during the day, or at least bringing friends and family along to support the café.

We are currently seeking a new treasurer to the PA, please get in contact if
you may be able to support.

Thank you.

See the school calendar for more upcoming PA events.

Annual events include:

October Quiz & Fish ’n’ Chips Night
Autumn Skipton Town Hall Café
November Christmas Fair
December Christmas Concert
Bag packing at Skipton Supermarket
Wreath-Making evening
January Ceilidh & Burns Night Supper
March School Production
Spring Skipton Town Hall Café
April Spring Concert
June New boys Film Night & new parents Cheese & Wine Evening
Murder Mystery Night & Supper/Ball
July Sports Day
U3A Learning
Ermysted’s 200 Club

Join Ermysted’s 200 Club for just £10 a year and be in with a chance of winning one of 7 cash prizes – £10 to £25 – per month. Please download and complete the 200 Club Form to get involved. Proceeds go to providing additional equipment for school.

The Giving Machine

Before you shop online please join up to the Giving Machine! They will give cash back to the school if you shop your normal stores via the Giving Machine portal. It’s really simple to set up and even easier to shop. For full details click here or contact the PA via email

Parents’ Association contributions to school

Recent contributions to school made possible through various PA initiatives include:

  • £100 for Certificate Presentation Folders for recent school leavers;
  • £1000 for replacement laptops Learning Support;
  • £365 to enable the victorious Kids’ Lit Quiz team to compete in the national final;
  • £150 for a portable compact mass balance and £450 for additional microscopes and eyepiece graticules for the Biology department;
  • £250 for new melting point apparatus for the Chemistry department; and
  • £750 for a new cathode ray oscilloscope for the Physics department.

Prior to that, pledges of over £5000 have gone towards … new dictionaries, an iPad and E-books, the Shakespeare Festival, a music trip, KS3 pens/merit prizes, the Maths Challenge, History English Civil War Day, fieldwork equipment, history textbooks, trees/shrubs and more.

Ermysted’s PA Officers

Meet the PA team!  The list is by no means complete but mentions members holding official PA posts.

There are many more dedicated members who regularly attend meetings and take on the responsibility for running, supporting or participating at various events.  Thank you therefore to those unsung heroes whose names don’t appear below, but are still very much form a core part of the PA team.

Officer posts include:

  • Chair – Sam Trelease
  • Vice Chair – Victoria McGregor
  • Secretaries – Katie Rigarlsford, Sarah Copeland
  • Treasurer – Sarah Robson
  • Publicity Officer – Caren Tetteroo-Smith
  • Social Media Secretary – Juliet Muirhead
  • Social Secretary – Lilia Bowers
  • 200 Club – Jane Dixon
  • Database Officer – Sarah Robson
Contact Us

How to find out about the Parents’ Association and our events:

  1. Sign up to Parent Pay and automatically receive email notifications of everything we do.
  2. Alternatively, send your details and questions to
  3.  Follow us on Twitter – Follow @EGSPAssoc and we’ll keep you up to date. We also post updates on Facebook.
  4. Turn up to any of our monthly meetings or events and say hello.

Thank you for your support & hope to see you soon!
Best wishes,
Ermysted’s Parents’ Association