Admission into Years 8-11

The Governors of the School are prepared to accept boys into each year group up to the maximum admission limit of 120 (in Years 8-11). Assessment for entry into the School will be arranged using in-house tests. The in-house tests in English, Mathematics and Science determine which boys reach the required academic standard for that school year. For boys moving into the catchment area we will arrange testing as soon as possible. However, for boys living outside of the catchment area, testing only takes place in November and May. Applications to be tested in November or May need to be made by the preceding 31 October or 30 April, respectively.

Applications are now open for in-year admissions testing. The testing dates are Wednesday, 14 November 2018 (closing date for applications Friday, 26 October 2018) and Wednesday, 22 May 2019 (closing date for applications Friday, 3 May 2019). Please contact the School for further information.

Your child can be tested only once for a particular year of entry and normally this will be within their chronological age group. We do not recommend that a pupil transfers schools beyond Year 10 due to potential differences in the exam boards and the curriculum.

Should there be more boys who reach the required academic standard for a particular year than can be accommodated, after the admission of boys who have undergone statutory assessment and for whom a final statement of special educational needs (SEN) has been issued which specifically names Ermysted’s Grammar School, priority will be given using the same over-subscription criteria as for entry into Year 7.

Year 8 Entrance Exam Information for Students