Notification of Variation to Admissions Policy 2021-22

Governors are currently seeking a variation to admissions arrangements for September 2021 from the Schools Adjudicator.

The proposed changes are highlighted in the attached draft but, in summary, governors propose to:

  • Delay the main testing session until Saturday, 17 October 2020, to allow candidates to benefit from as much time back in education as possible before being assessed.
  • Include arrangements for those who may be unable to attend the main testing session due to bereavement or public health measures.
  • Clarify how the required standard will be set in the event that large numbers of candidates are unable to attend the main testing session.
  • Highlight to parents that they may need to express preferences for school places before the results of the Ermysted’s Entrance Test are known.

Confirmation of the decision of the Schools Adjudicator will be placed on this website in due course. Until then, all changes highlighted in the draft document should be considered provisional and may be subject to further changes.

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