Important Information (COVID-19)

Contacting the School

The school site is now open and the switchboard is monitored between 8:00 am-4:30 pm. Outside these times, all enquiries and communications must be via email to one of the following options:

Enquiries about the children of key workers attending school during the closure:

Enquiries from the parents of children starting in September 2020:

Enquiries about admissions:

General enquiries:

For any safeguarding concerns, please use the ‘Report Concern’ button which can be found on the school homepage.


Risk Assessments

Coronavirus Risk Management Plan – September 2020

NYCC – Wider Opening of Schools – September 2020


School Policy Addenda

Addendum to Behaviour Policy – COVID-19

Addendum to Child Protection Policy – COVID-19


School Correspondence

20 09 01 Reopening of schools

20 09 01 Guide to the reopening of School

20 09 08 School Reopening

20 09 15 Update on the start of term

20 09 16 Symptomatic pupils

20 09 17 Addendum to the Behaviour Policy

20 09 17 Remote learning


Our thoughts are with all pupils and their families at this time.

Thank you.