Key Stage 3 Computing
All pupils study Computing in Key Stage 3 to learn how to use computers effectively and to develop an understanding of how computers work and can be programmed.

Year 7

Computer science concepts are introduced alongside topics to develop skills in the responsible use of ICT.

Key Topics Covered
  • E-safety
  • Using presentation software
  • Scratch programming
  • Desktop publishing
  • Using a spreadsheet for modelling and numeric data
  • A video filming and editing project
  • An introduction to text-based programming in Python
  • An introduction to binary

Year 8

Computer science concepts introduced in Year 7 are built upon whilst more advanced topics are introduced. Key ICT skills are also developed.

Key Topics Covered
  • Website development – HTML and CSS
  • Python games programming
  • Photo editing
  • Binary and denary arithmetic
  • 2D computer animation
  • Computer hardware
  • Data handling and algorithms
  • Spreadsheets
  • Writing apps using AppInventor
  • 3D drawing with Google Sketchup
How is This Subject Assessed?

This is a highly practical subject and regular feedback on work is given in lessons throughout the course, including on end of topic assessment tasks.

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