Key Stage 3 Geography
A range of themes are explored, which enables boys to discuss and develop their ideas through a number of key topics and questions.
Skills Developed

A range of skills are developed throughout KS3 Geography by the following Key Performance Indicators:

  • Develop and demonstrate geographical skills in the classroom (map and atlas work)
  • Develop and extend their competence in a range of skills (Different scale maps, interpretation of data, measuring maps/distances)
  • Develop and extend their knowledge of geographical materials/text
  • Gain understanding of the interactions between people and environments
  • Select, and adapt a variety of skills to complete an individual enquiry
  • Apply geographical skills during fieldwork
  • Conduct a field work enquiry to collect, analyse and draw conclusions from geographical data
  • Apply geographical knowledge, understanding and skills to real world context, including fieldwork

Year 7

Key Topics Covered
  • What is Geography?
  • Passport to Geography

– globes, atlas maps, continents/Europe/UK

  • Exploring Yorkshire
  • Learn and locate the names of the Yorkshire Dales
  • Explore the site and situation of Skipton and integrate OS map skills
  • Fieldwork Skipton, Grassington town centre and Linton Falls
  • Fantastic places – Exploring Britain and Sri Lanka
  • Around Africa – investigate the physical and human geography

Year 8

Key Topics Covered

In year 8 boys are able to learn and investigate:

  • Coasts – UK
  • Brilliant Brazil (ecosystems)
  • Countries/Current/oceans/World biomes/Weather/
  • Tropical rainforest
  • The Geography of Conflict – Population/physical/energy – China and Russia/oil conflict
  • Weather enquiry – school based fieldwork
  • Fieldwork – White Scar Caves and Swinden/Threshfield Quarry

Year 9

Key Topics Covered

In year 9 boys are introduced to the GCSE topics from the AQA syllabus:

  • Physical landscapes in UK
  • Glacial Landscapes
  • Natural Hazards – Tectonic Hazards and Tropical Storms
  • Extreme weather in UK
  • Climate change Global and UK
  • Fieldwork – Norber Erratics, Austwick
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How is This Subject Assessed?

Pupils are assessed using the above Key Performance Indicators and GCSE 9-1 grades. Forms of assessment include: scored tests and assessment of written homework. Specific unit assessments are completed to enable pupils to monitor their own progress against the above Key Performance Indicators.

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