Key Stage 3 History
A range of themes are explored, which enables pupils to discuss and develop their ideas through a number of key topics and questions.
Skills Developed

A range of skills are developed throughout KS3 History by the following Key Performance Indicators:

  • Develop and extend their knowledge and understanding of specified key events, periods and societies in local, British, and wider world history; and of the wide diversity of human experience.
  • Engage in historical enquiry to develop as independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers.
  • Develop the ability to ask relevant questions about the past, to investigate issues critically and to make valid historical claims by using a range of sources in their historical context.
  • Develop an awareness of why people, events and developments have been accorded historical significance and how and why different interpretations have been constructed about them.
  • Organise and communicate their historical knowledge and understanding in different ways and reach substantiated conclusions.

Year 7

Key Topics Covered
  • What is History?
  • The Norman Conquest
  • Study before 1066  – Fortifications and Castles
  • The role of a Medieval Monarch
  • Church v State – Murder of Becket
  • Society – Peasant Life, including Black Death
  • Baghdad – Islam, science and culture
  • 1509-1745
  • Religious change
  • Society – Poverty, Witch Craze
  • English Civil War
  • Monarchy and Political Change 1660-1750

Year 8

Key Topics Covered

In Year 8, pupils are able to learn and investigate the following events:


  • Industrialisation/industrial city life – study of Saltaire
  • Slave trade
  • Political study
  • Brief overview – British Empire


  • Causes of World War 1
  • Western Front and Trenches
  • Treaty of Versailles
  • Rise of Hitler
  • Holocaust
  • Overview of World War 2
  • Study of a significant society or issue e.g. Russian Revolution 1917, collapse of Soviet Union 1989-91 or Civil Rights in the USA
Key stage 3 history lessons
How is This Subject Assessed?

Forms of assessment include: scored tests and assessment of written homework. Specific unit assessments are completed to enable pupils to monitor their own progress against their target grades.

Key stage 3 history lessons