Key Stage 3 Latin
Latin is taught in Year 7 and 8 and can lead to GCSE, A level and university entrance. We follow the Cambridge Latin Course Books 1 and 2 at Key Stage 3, which teach Latin by reading well constructed and historically accurate stories about life in Pompeii and Roman Britain.

The aim of the course is to gain the ability to read Latin, quickly and accurately. You will also learn about Roman life and find out how we know what we do by looking carefully at the sources of our knowledge. The skills covered will support learning in a variety of school subjects.

Year 7

Key Topics Covered
  • Everyday life in Pompeii
  • Roman Entertainment
  • Roman Religion
  • Slavery
  • Nominative, Accusative and cases of the noun
  • Present tense, imperfect tense and perfect tense of the verb
  • Temporal Clauses
  • Causal clauses
Skills Developed
  • Sentence analysis
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Translation and Comprehension
  • Source evaluation
  • Character and motive analysis in reading passages

Year 8

Key Topics Covered
  • Roman Education
  • Roman Politics
  • The destruction of Pompeii and its rediscovery
  • Farming in Roman Britain
  • Celtic culture
  • Roman invasion of Britain
  • Consolidation of Y9 Grammar
  • Infinitive with possum, volo and nolo
  • Adjectival agreement
  • Qui, quae, quod and the relative clause
  • The Dative case of the noun
Skills Developed
  • As Year 7 but the language is met in more advanced contexts.
How is This Subject Assessed?

There are attainment tests at Stage 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20. These assess progress in the Language. Understanding of Roman civilisation is assessed by work during the course. There is an end of year examination.

There are graded test available for the end of Book1 and for Book2A and 2B.