Key Stage 3 Mathematics
All pupils study Mathematics in Key Stage 3 with the aim of preparing them for success at GCSE and to foster an enjoyment and understanding of mathematics.

Year 7

Key Topics Covered

The number system, written methods for arithmetic (including column multiplication and long division), coordinates, fractions, displaying data and averages, algebra (using formulae and solving equations), geometry (properties of 2D shapes, using scale) and measuring to calculate areas and volumes.

Skills Developed

Arithmetic, mathematical reasoning, systematic working, and communication. The importance of following instructions, presenting work well and layout for mathematics will also be developed.

Year 8

Key Topics Covered

Graphs and equation of straight lines, directed numbers and the order of operations, algebra (expanding and factorising expressions) and setting up and solving equations, circles and Pythagoras’ Theorem, finding lowest common multiples and highest common factors, constructions, and transformations.

Skills Developed

Proficiency using algebra with BIDMAS and directed numbers. Consolidation of basic mathematics needed for Year 9. Development of accuracy and use of mathematical instruments.

How is This Subject Assessed?

A range of assessments regularly take place, from questioning and independent work in class, to homework of mixed questions, online mymaths, and half termly tests, with a formal examination in the summer each year.