Key Stage 3 Religious Studies
In Key Stage 3 pupils study a number of world religions, at least half of which is Christianity (a legal requirement).
Skills Developed

A range of skills are developed throughout Key Stage 3 Religious studies by the following Key Performance Indicators:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of religions and non-religious beliefs, such as atheism and
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs, teachings and sources of wisdom and authority, including through your reading of religious texts, other texts, and scriptures of the religions you are studying.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key sources of wisdom and authority including scripture and/or sacred texts, where appropriate, which support contemporary religious faith.
  • Develop the ability to construct well- argued, well-informed, balanced and structured written arguments, demonstrating your depth and breadth of understanding of the subject.
  • Engage with questions of belief, value, meaning, purpose, truth, and their influence on human life.
  • Reflect on and develop your own values, beliefs and attitudes in the light of what you have learnt and contribute to your preparation for adult life in a pluralistic society and global community.
  • Understand the influence of religion on individuals, communities and societies.
  • Understand significant common and divergent views within religions and beliefs.
  • Apply knowledge and understanding in order to analyse questions related to religious beliefs and values, constructing well-informed and balanced arguments on matters concerned with religious beliefs and values.

Year 7

Key Topics Covered

A range of themes are explored, which enables boys to discuss and develop their ideas through a number of key topics and questions;

  • What is Religion?
  • The Existence of God
  • Science and Religion & origins of the universe
  • Why do people suffer?
  • Origins of Religions

Year 8

In year 8 boys are able to learn and investigate;

  • Buddhism
  • Why are some people religious?
  • Life and times of Jesus
  • Pilgrimage
  • Inspirational Leaders

Year 9

Key Topics Covered

In year 9 boys are able to develop their understanding of;

  • Applied Ethics
  • Evidence of the afterlife
  • Does religion cause inequality?
  • Conflict in Palestine/Ulster
  • Theodicies
  • Individual research

How is This Subject Assessed?

Pupils are assessed using the above Key Performance Indicators and GCSE 9-1 grades. Forms of assessment include; scored tests and assessment of written homework. Specific unit assessments are completed to enable pupils to monitor their own progress against the above Key Performance Indicators.