Consultation on changes to CCTV installation

The School has had a number of CCTV cameras in place for many years. However, these are currently of limited value as some are poorly positioned and they do not provide comprehensive coverage of the site, some no longer work, and some are obsolete in terms of their technical functionality.

The School is upgrading the system to facilitate:

• improvements in site security;
• more effective monitoring of pupils’ behaviour;
• the recording of activities for health and safety purposes.


Notification of the change is being circulated to interested parties to enable them to comment on the proposal should they wish to do so before the new network is activated.

It is important to appreciate that the principle behind the installation is not new and that the School already has some cameras in place and their operation is supported with an existing Policy on the use of CCTV. The changes that are being introduced are to extend the scope of coverage and the quality of images both of which should help improve the welfare of pupils and security of the School site.

The information is being circulated to parents of the School’s pupils, the School’s staff and is also being published on the School’s website.

The consultation was opened on 28 February 2020 and runs for two weeks closing on 12 March 2020.

Data Impact Assessment

The impact of extending the current network and enhancing the functionality is explained in a Data Impact Assessment which has been prepared using the standard framework and guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

This Assessment is available by clicking here. It is scheduled to be approved by the School’s Governing Board in March subject to any amendment which might be made following this consultation.


Any feedback or comments on the proposal should be sent by email to with the words “CCTV consultation” in the subject line.