A-Level Exam Result Information 2020

Please take the time to read the following information before results day. A Student Guide produced by Ofqual is attached which contains helpful information regarding your exam results and appeals.

Provision of Exam Results

Please see Mr Evans’ detailed letter to you (dated 17 July) in which he states that exam results will be sent to your school email address on exam results day, Thursday, 13 August, at 8:00 am. The letter also details the arrangements to be made if you have any queries.  PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS.

Centre Assessed Grades (CAG) and Rankings

Candidates may request to see their centre-assessed grade(s) and ranking(s) by contacting the School. We can only action requests received from the candidate themselves. Please send requests from the candidate’s school email account (for verification purposes) to CAG@ermysteds.n-yorks.sch.uk, detailing which subjects you are requesting information about. The reply will be sent to the candidate’s school email account. The School will aim to respond to these requests as soon as practicable.


Ofqual published its decisions on the 2020 examinations process earlier in the year. The grounds for appeal this year are very limited, more so than in a normal year. Candidates cannot appeal if they disagree with the Centre Assessed Grade (CAG) or with the Standardisation model used by the Exam Board.  The only reasons for appeal are as follows:-

  • The School has made a mistake when submitting the CAG or Ranking.
  • The Exam Board has made a mistake when calculating the grade.
  • The candidate was entitled to reasonable adjustments due to their disability and the School failed to take this entitlement into account when arriving at the CAG or ranking.
  • The candidate believes that they have been subject to discrimination or bias during the process.

Please see the Ofqual Appeals Guide or contact the Exam Office if you require further details. You should also refer to the Summer 2020 Results and Appeals Process. The deadline for appeals is 17 September.


There is an opportunity for you to re-sit any exams that you were entered for in summer, during October 2020.  The entry deadline date is 1 September. NEA (Non-exam assessments) will not form any part of the autumn series assessment except in Art. If you want to be entered for the autumn series re-sits, candidates must complete a re-sit form available from the Exam Office. This form must be completed by the candidate and be accompanied by the relevant fee.  As stated above, the deadline date for receipt is 1 September and no forms will be accepted after this date.


We should be grateful if you could advise us of your destination after leaving Ermysted’s.  Please email exams@ermysteds.n-yorks.sch.uk with the following details that will be included in the Certificate Presentation Evening Programme –  NAME; UNIVERSITY/PLACE OF WORK; COURSE TITLE/JOB TITLE; YEAR OF ENTRY.

Exam Certificates

We look forward to seeing you at your Certificate Presentation Evening in December.  Details of this celebration evening will be sent out nearer the time. If you are unable to attend the presentation evening, then your certificates can be collected by you after Monday 11 January 2021.  Alternatively, you may ask a member of your family/friend to collect these on your behalf but you must provide them with a letter of authorisation signed by you and addressed to the School.


Should you require replacements in the future for your prospective employer, you will need to contact the respective Exam Board who will each charge a fee in excess of £40.