Library Overview

Ermysted’s Library consists of two adjoining rooms – the Main Library for Years 7-11 and the Sixth Form Library for Years 12 and 13. Both are open from 8.30 – 4.30 every week day during term time. Boys are able to stay late with the Librarian’s permission.

Years 7-9 are able to borrow up to three books for two weeks, this increases to four books for two weeks when they are in KS4 and sixth formers are able to borrow up to six books for three weeks.

Every class in Year 7 and Year 8 has one of their English lessons scheduled to take place within the library every week. These library lessons are primarily used as a time for silent reading, although they are occasionally used for activities such as book reviews and events such as World Book Day are a chance to take part in a competitive quiz.

A Careers Library is in the corner of the Main Library and contains a multitude of resources from reference books and university prospectuses to take home leaflets and advice sheets.

Message from the Librarian

Ermysted’s Library is very popular – and not just during wet lunch times! It is fantastic to see so many boys who are enthusiastic about reading, and myself and other staff are constantly working hard to ensure this enthusiasm for reading stays with pupils throughout their time at Ermysted’s and their adult life.

We run a minimum of one reading scheme a year – with the Carnegie Shadowing Scheme taking place annually. The number of students in our Carnegie Shadowing Scheme always dwarfs that of other schools – although it is a challenging scheme and requires a lot of effort the students thoroughly enjoy it.

In addition the students have previously helped break a Guinness World Record for participating in the biggest ever reading quiz last World Book Day and we are currently Yorkshire Champions in the international reading challenge the ‘Kids Lit Quiz’ for the second time.

Reading has such a positive impact on someone’s life and I am thrilled that our thriving library is playing a part in that – although we are aiming on increasing our issues even more.


Each year a group of boys in Years 7 and 8 at Ermysted’s form a reading group and read all of the books shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal – an award CILIP gives to the outstanding children’s book of the year. They spend months reading and discussing the shortlisted titles before finishing with the Carnegie Lunch. Boys volunteer for this scheme and it has proved extremely successful at Ermysted’s, the average shadowing group has approximately 12 – 20 members, we have never had below 60. The scheme is fantastic at encouraging students to read unfamiliar authors and getting them to try new books, as well as improving skills such as team work with their participation at meetings and creating displays.