Online Resources

We recommend the following websites for further reading…

This site is fantastic and has over 25000 bestselling authors bibliographies and covers all the latest books with their covers and descriptions. It is the best site for looking at series and seeing what order particular books come in. At the bottom of the web page the site lists the top-searched authors and recommends other authors based on the ones you have viewed. If the author you are looking at has their own website the link to that is also provided.

This site can be selected to show things of interest to children, teenagers or adults. It features themed booklists, has a focus on new books, author interviews, writings tips, quizzes, games and competitions.

This is a child friendly site and is very interactive with spaces for users to post reviews and share their opinions on books. It gives lots of information on authors, recommends books to try as well as featuring the latest literary news and competitions.

This is a site for selling books but it is brilliantly organised with the option to view by age, occasion, awards and even dyslexia friendly books. They host a lot of competitions and have a tab entitled ‘books for boys’. They also offer the opportunity to download and read free extracts of books. If you join for free you can also use the ‘like for like’ section where you can select an author that you have liked and it recommends who you will probably also like.

The official website to accompany the annual ‘World Book Day’ Event that is held every year in March. This website is updated more regularly around the time of World Book Day with the relevant events and information on the ‘£1 books’ – but it can be sued all year round and has an excellent type in an age and a category option to recommend books.