A Level Curriculum

Typically students select three A-Level subjects to study in the Sixth Form.

The list of potential subjects is shown below. Students who achieve a GCSE average points score of 7.0 or higher (where A* = 8.5, A = 7, B = 5.5, C = 4 and reformed GCSE points awarded as per grade) are able to select a fourth A-Level subject.

sixth form entrance requirements

Please note that if an insufficient number of pupils choose a subject for it to be viable, the School may decide to withdraw the course; if too many students apply for a course, the over-subscription criteria will be made clear to those affected. Please also note that due to timetabling restrictions not all combinations are possible.

In order to offer the broadest curriculum possible, some of the subjects listed opposite may be run off-site, in collaboration with Skipton Girls’ High School.

Information Booklet

Download our Sixth Form Information Booklet 2019 to find out more.