A Level Curriculum

Typically students select three A-Level subjects to study in the Sixth Form.

Key Stage 5

On entry, pupils select three subjects to follow at A-Level; for pupils with sufficiently high prior attainment at GCSE (i.e. an average points score of 7.0 or higher where A* = 8.5, A = 7, B = 5.5, C = 4 and reformed GCSE points awarded as per grade), a fourth A-Level subject can be added.

The range of A-level courses on offer varies each year, but typically pupils select from a list that includes: Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Computer Science, Design Engineering, Economics, English Language, English Litersixth form entrance requirementsature, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, German, Politics, Product Design, History, Latin, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, and Philosophy & Ethics. Some of these courses are run off-site, in collaboration with Skipton Girls’ High School. Details of the content of the KS5 courses can be found on the individual subject pages.

If an insufficient number of pupils choose a subject for it to be viable, the School may decide to withdraw the course; if too many pupils apply for a course, the over-subscription criteria will be made clear to those affected. Due to timetabling restrictions, not all subject combinations are possible.

There is an even stronger emphasis at this stage on scholarship and on pupils developing independent study and research into areas of personal interest. A significant number of Sixth Form pupils pursue this through the Extended Project Qualification.

A-level work is supplemented by a Lecture Programme that offers distinguished visiting speakers the opportunity to present significant issues for question and discussion. There are also compulsory non-examined courses in PSHCE and an enrichment programme that includes careers and preparation for higher education. Physical Education is part of the compulsory curriculum in the Sixth Form unless pupils are excused on medical grounds. Sixth Form pupils may alternatively opt to participate in the volunteering programme.

External examinations are taken at the end of Year 13.