A Level Geography
A-Level Geography provides the opportunity to study many of the world’s current issues. From the local scale of the Yorkshire Dales - wind turbines, fracking and affordable housing, to the Global issues of global warming, economic change and migration – as geographers we can help to develop and explain sustainable solutions.

Why study this subject at A-Level?

This course will appeal to those students who:

  •  have an interest in and concern for the environment
  • are interested in current affairs
  • enjoy studying a subject that is relevant to their own lives and experiences
  • want the opportunity to carry out practical work outdoors as well as classwork
  • enjoy finding out their own answers – not just being taught
  • want to broaden their A-Levels to cover both ‘sciences’ and ‘humanities’
  • enjoy travel and finding out about new people, places, landscapes and events
  • want to keep their options open – A-Level Geography is an appropriate qualification for a very wide range of higher education or career choices.

Students with Advanced GCE Geography have access to a wide range of possible career and higher education opportunities. You will learn and use a variety of transferable skills throughout the course. These include collecting, analysing and interpreting data, communicating your findings in different ways, and identifying and developing the links between different parts of the subject. These skills are in great demand and recognised by employers and universities as being of great value.

During Year 12 & 13 we will carry out group fieldwork to:

  • examine the urban Geography of Leeds
  • study the drainage basin systems of a local river
  • complete three days of fieldwork to collect data for the geographical fieldwork
  • Optional field week to Iceland

Summary of the course

Year 12

  • Hazards
  • Changing places
  • Water & carbon cycles
  • Start Coastal systems and Global systems & Governance
  • Planning & residential fieldwork for the geographical fieldwork investigation

Year 13

  • Continue Coastal systems
  • Continue Global systems & Governance
  • Urban/Population/Energy
  • Writing up the Geographical Fieldwork Investigation

How is the qualification assessed?

Unit 1: Physical Geography
Written exam 2hr 30 minutes – 40%

Unit 2: Human Geography
Written exam 2hr 30 minutes – 40%

Unit 3: Geographical fieldwork investigation
An individual fieldwork base
Written investigation 3-4000 words – 20%

geography a level

Entry Requirements

Applicants will require at least a Grade 6 in a GCSE Humanities subject or a Grade 6 in GCSE English Language or Literature.


AQA A Level Geography 7073

Component 1 (40%)

2 hours 30 minutes

Component 2 (40%)

2 hours 30 minutes

Component 3 (20%)
geography a level