A Level MFL French and German
A-Level French and German build on the knowledge and skills which you acquired in the first five years of study.

You will have four double lessons per week with the two teachers of the language.  German A-Level is taught at Ermysted’s but students from Skipton Girls’ High School also attend lessons at Ermysted’s. There is a Foreign Language Assistant for each language and you will have conversation classes with then on a weekly basis.

Why study this subject at A-Level?

Learning a language to a high standard is an enriching activity; developing academic rigour, attention to detail, sensitivity to nuance, developing thinking skills and improving communication skills.

British students who speak a foreign language to this standard are increasingly rare.

An A-Level in a foreign language will often give you an advantage in the jobs market. Universities look upon a foreign language at a good grade as indicative of academic ambition and ability.

Foreign languages complement many other subjects and a number of students have successfully combined them with the sciences recently. They are available at many universities as an accompaniment to other, unrelated, subjects.

They are important in their own right, giving you the ability to communicate with other people in Europe, to appreciate other cultures and to widen your horizons. They will accompany through your life and be your flexible friend, surprising you throughout life with their usefulness.

Summary of the course

French and German follow the same format:

  • Cultural aspects e.g. film, literature, art and architecture, festivals and traditions
  • Social trends e.g. the digital world, youth culture, family and relationships
  • Political culture e.g. immigration and integration
  • A research topic of your own choice

At the forefront of these topics is the language learning itself.

How is the qualification assessed?

  • Paper 1 – Listening, Reading and Translation (2hrs 30 mins) = 50% of A Level
  • Paper 2 – Writing 2 essays on film and literature (2 hrs) = 20 % of A Level
  • Paper 3 – Speaking (16-18 mins) = 30% of A Level

Entry Requirements

Applicants will require at least a Grade 6 in the relevant GCSE Language.


AQA A-Level French 7652
AQA A-Level German 7662

Component 1 (50%)

2 hours 30 minutes

Component 2 (20%)

2 hours

Component 3 (30%)

c 20 minutes