A Level Politics
Lively, relevant, controversial… there are many ways to describe A-level Politics. There’s no denying that it’s one of the most interesting and engaging qualifications you can choose.

Covering news and current affairs from the UK and US, it helps you understand how each country is run and develops research, written communication and debate skills. It also helps grow your confidence.

Why study this subject at A-Level?

It’s ideal if you’re considering studying politics, sociology, history, advertising or journalism at university and is highly regarded by employers in industries including politics, international organisations, the media, government and the civil service.

Summary of the course

Unit 1 – Government and Politics of the UK includes:

  • The government of the UK including the nature and sources of the British Constitution; the structure and role of Parliament; the PM & Cabinet; the judiciary; and devolution.
  • The politics of the UK including democracy & participation; elections and referendums; political parties; pressure groups; and the EU.

Unit 2 – Government and Politics of the USA includes:

  • The government of the USA including the constitutional framework; Congress; the Presidency; and the Supreme Court
  • The politics of the USA including the electoral process and direct democracy; political parties; pressure groups and civil rights.
  • Comparative approaches to politics following the three theoretical approaches – structural, rational and cultural.

Unit 3 – Political Ideas includes:

Students will study the three core ideologies of Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism and then one other ideology from a choice of Nationalism, Feminism, Multi-culturalism, Anarchism or Ecologism.

How is the qualification assessed?

It is assessed in three 2 hour exams:

  • Paper 1: The Government and Politics of the UK
  • Paper 2: The Government and Politics of the USA
  • Paper 3: Political Ideas

Each is accorded the same weighting towards the final A Level and is a mixture of medium length ‘explain’ and essay style questions.

The Houses of Parliament

Entry Requirements

Applicants will require at least a Grade 6 in a GCSE Humanities subject or a Grade 6 in GCSE English Language or Literature.


AQA Politics 7152


Component 1 (33%)

2 hours

Component 2 (33%)

2 hours

Component 3 (33%)

2 hours

Politics A Level