A Level Psychology
If you are interested in understanding human behaviour and you have a scientific and inquiring mind, Psychology could be a new field of study for you.

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and experience and involves looking at how people behave both as individuals and within groups.

Throughout this course you will develop an understanding of the key approaches in psychology such as Behaviourism, Cognitive Psychology, Psychoanalytical and Humanist perspectives. You will also study Biopsychology and the influence that biology has on our thinking and behaviour.

Additional topics to be studied include Memory, Social Psychology, Psychopathology and Child Development. Forming a firm foundation for further study in this area you will develop your research skills and an awareness of the difference between experimental and non-experimental research methods, whilst also extending your use of descriptive and inferential statistics.

In your second year of study you will also have the opportunity to choose from such topics as: Cognition & Development, Gender, Relationships, Schizophrenia, Eating Behaviour, Stress, Aggression, Forensic Psychology and Addiction.

Throughout the two years you will develop the ability to engage in Psychological debate to discuss the main issues affecting the understanding and analysis of human behaviour.

Why study this subject at A-Level?

This course offers a unique insight into aspects of human behaviour and will be useful to anyone planning a career that involves working with people.
These include education, medicine, the emergency services, social work, prison work, personnel, the armed forces, advertising, the media, HR, sport and business management.

Even if you are not considering a career that involves direct contact with people, it will provide you with a valuable insight into the behaviour of yourself and others.

Summary of the course

We follow the AQA GCE Psychology Specification. This is a linear examination specification where you will be examined at the end of the two years of study. The content of the papers and examination requirements are detailed below:

How is the qualification assessed?

Paper 1
Introductory Topics in Psychology
33.3% of the total A Level marks
2 hour exam

Paper 2
Psychology in Context
33.3% of the total A Level marks
2 hour exam

Paper 3
Issues and Options in Psychology
33.3% of the total A Level marks
2 hour exam

psychology a level

Entry Requirements

Applicants will require at least a Grade 6 in GCSE English and Mathematics. If you do not achieve this grade then you will need to convince the Faculty Leader or equivalent teacher of your suitability for the course.

2017 Specification
AQA Psychology

Component 1 (33%)

2 hours

Component 2 (33%)

2 hours

Component 3 (33%)

2 hours